Cenozoic Petroleum

As a RENHE GROUP Partner, XinJiang Cenozoic Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd. Providing Petroleum and Gas Engineering technical services for Oil company in the world.  The company be founded in year 2004 and there are 160 employees about. We have lot of advanced equipment and professional services team. The main businesses are: Well production logging and testing in oil and gas wells; Surface Testing with Separator, Heater; Coiled tubing services; Nitrogen pumping services; Cement Truck services; Gas Recycle; Separating oil and gas in high pressure; Chemical transportation and so on.

XinJiang Cenozoic Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd. work on special and professional technical services for our customers all time, Main technical developing is research first and co-operating with other social resources for high end equipment and services products. Providing High quality and high effectively services for our customers.

We have large markets in onshore and offshore in the World. We have total more than 300 wells operating case history (see attached) in last six years.